Secret Beach Nusa Ceningan

Jalan Secret Beach | Villa trevally, 80771, Indonesia


The Secret Beach is one of the most secluded and pristine beaches on Ceningan island. Don't get confused by the same name given to other beach at Lembongan island, this one is located in Nusa Ceningan. The beach is quite close to blue lagoon, just follow the road to a villa named Trevally. The road leading to the beach is a bit bumpy so be careful. It is a perfect spot to have a little picnic or spend some alone time.It has a beach and nearby rocks very similar to Devil's tears without the big waves or crowd.Plus the top is very green full of grass so you can either sit there or go down to the rocks and closer to the sea.The beach is located nearby and the local resort will ask you to buy something to use the beach so your choice.

The view from this beach is so beautiful and has a romantic vibe, recommended for couple who enjoy nature. Swimming is not advisable as there are many sharp reefs and stone on the shore. White sand and has a nice panorama during sunset.


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    Jalan Secret Beach | Villa trevally, 80771, Indonesia
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